AMP Pages

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is a Google and Twitter backed project that intends to increase page load speeds on mobile devices. They are slightly different to normal HTML pages and have been designed to be lean and fast. It is open source which means it is openly available to any developer who wishes to make use of it. Google has often stated the importance of speed for improving engagement on a site and are trying to push businesses along by making it a ranking signal in its search algorithm.

The benefits

AMP pages will be able to perform much better than non-AMP  as they guarantee a faster loading time. With mobile devices being used heavily for internet use today, a fast mobile experience can make a big difference in keeping users on your site. AMP pages are said to load 4 times faster than standard pages. To get into the top stories in Google on mobile devices the webpage must use AMP, which is why it is being used primarily by news sites.
One of the main ways that AMP tackles speed is by keeping the code lean. There are standard HTML tags which are banned. These are: script, object, param, applet, embed, base, frame and frameset. By banning these tags we keep the use of unnecessary code such as Javascript out of the page. AMP also won’t allow you to link out to any stylesheets, only letting you add styling code within the head of the page. By limiting the functionality that developers can add to the page AMP will leave sites showing only what’s needed for a mobile device.


AMP pages take time to put together. Stripping down code correctly from current pages or building from scratch will be worth it but it’s one more job for a web developer or SEO team to get done.

Some may find the restrictions of AMP a drawback but it’s this restrictiveness that is necessary to keep pages lean and fast. Designers and clients often use as many technologies and whistles as they can get their hands on so it can be a good thing to prevent that. 


We now provide AMP 

We are currently updating all of our SEO clients to AMP pages and will be offering it included in all ongoing SEO campaigns. 

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