What does SEO friendly mean?

SEO Friendly

SEO friendly is a term that you may have heard thrown around. But what does it actually mean?

SEO Friendly as a concept means that when a site is completed by a design/web company that it should have a very good chance of ranking well. Is there a site available off the shelf that has the the perfect combination of design, URL structure, code and content? Unfortunately not. Continue reading

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Common SEO killers

SEO problems

Just had a new site go live? Then you may be about to experience one of these SEO problems. These are issues that I’ve noticed coming up a lot recently, especially with site redesigns. Some can be easily fixed if you spot them in time, but devastating to your rankings and traffic if you don’t.

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WordPress User Manual

Wordpress User Manual


WordPress is a versatile tool for maintaining websites and this WordPress user manual and guide to WordPress will help you get the most out of your new website.

WordPress is a content management platform that allows you to log in and add content such as text and images and to change the look of your site. Please follow the instructions below to login, update and edit your site.

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Using PPC traffic to increase rankings

Google Panda Experiment

Googles’ Adwords system operates independently from its search results and ranking algorithm. So any traffic that you buy from Google Adwords won’t affect your ranking positions. Those have always been the rules. But, there may be one way that Google Adwords traffic can be used to increase your rankings and help keep them high.

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The Big Surf Digital Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools is a free service from Google which can show you some very useful info. Over the years it has become a great tool for fixing problems and improving the optimisation of your site.

Guide to webmaster tools
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How much does SEO cost?

This is a question I get asked a lot and of course the answer is always the same. It depends. But depends on what? The cost shouldn’t be just pulled out of thin air. Some time and effort needs to go into figuring out what a site needs before arriving at a cost. No site or market is the same but here is the criteria that we look at when pricing an SEO campaign.


What does the client need?

SEO is all about getting a site higher rankings and more traffic. Depending on what the client wants the price can vary dramatically. The client may need to be on page one of Google for 50 different keywords to bring in enough sales. Continue reading

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Controlling duplicate content

Duplicate content is a royal pain in the proverbial. It’s sometimes hard to spot and it can at times be harmless. More often than not though, duplicate content will lead to lowered rankings and plenty of wasted time spent fixing it. I’ve had a fair bit of this kind of work to do lately so I thought I’d give you a rundown on the process I use to banish duplicate content problems.

The theory. Why is duplicate content bad?

Google doesn’t like it is the short answer. When a person searches for a keyword Google wants to deliver the best results that they can. If there are two pieces of content Google will need to decide which one is better or more important. If you have copies of the same content or pages on your site Google will choose one and sometimes ignore the other. If there’s lots of duplicates your rankings could be lowered across the board. The least that Google will do is to only show one copy over the other. This can be a big problem if the wrong version ends up being indexed so let’s have a look at how to identify duplicate content problems and how to fix them. Duplicate content can also lead to a page or sites strength being split over multiple URLs.
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How to save money on your Adwords campaign

PPC can be nicely affordable or prohibitively expensive depending on the market you’re in. Clicks from Google ads can cost anything from a few pence to plenty of pounds. As an example, currently a single click from the search term ‘car insurance would set you back £7.93 while ‘online gift shop’ would cost 58p. If you have a badly constructed campaign you may be paying more than you need to. Let’s look at some ways to stop that happening.

To create a successful PPC campaign it’s important to look at it from both Googles’ and your businesses perspective. You want traffic and sales. Google wants your money. Simple. Well, not exactly.
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The Steps of an SEO campaign

What does an SEO company actually do? I hear that question a lot so I thought I’d explain the work that goes into an SEO campaign. I’m going to go through the steps that are involved in creating a successful SEO campaign and what as a client you should reasonably expect to receive from an SEO provider.

Pre campaign

Before a campaign begins it is important to get a measure of the sites’ (if it’s already built) strength and standing in Google and to measure the competitiveness of the market. To do this we look at some of the keywords you want to rank for and measure the traffic they will bring. We also look at the strength of some of the competing sites. From this research it is possible to tell how much to price the campaign and how long it will take to see results. Ranking estimates are fairly easy to produce but avoid any sellers of guaranteed results. Continue reading

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How to remove a manual link penalty

When it comes to SEO, links from one site to another are what really make the difference. If you’ve ever carried out an SEO campaign though you’ll know that not all links are created equal. A link from a trusted and related source will have a positive impact on your rankings. Not so a link from a spam site. In fact since Google introduced their Penguin algorithm links from dodgy sources can wipe out your rankings altogether. Bad links will cause bad penalties but these can be removed with a bit of work.

If you’ve acquired bad links from a previous SEO campaign you will have noticed a drop in rankings and traffic or if you’ve been really unlucky you might have disappeared from Google completely. Before we fix the problem let’s go over the different types of links.
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