Playing to your strengths

We come across lots of big businesses with the potential in their site already to increase Google traffic. Usually all that’s needed is a data led SEO strategy and some on page optimisation.

By going about their business without SEO in mind many big businesses will develop strong trustworthy websites that give off a lot of the necessary signals that Google looks to reward. Over time a website will accrue links naturally, possibly giving it strength to rank highly for industry related keywords. I say possibly as it depends on the kind of links and the competitiveness of the keywords. The site will also accrue all important search demand and traffic data that can be analysed and utilised as the basis for an SEO campaign.

To get a brand new website ranking on page one of Google for competitive keywords can take months or years. However, a site with built in strength already can be moved up considerably in the rankings within a few months.

Indentifying strengths: How can you see if your site has the potential to rank in Google quickly? You can check on the Moz Link Explorer tool to see how high your domain authority is or check the number of links pointing to your site in Googles Webmaster Tools. Or of course, you can get in touch for a free site review and we will be able to tell you where you rank currently for a sample of related industry keywords, your current link numbers and the chances of quickly increasing rankings for your site. We will also assess your competitors’ strength and rankings. We will then suggest an SEO package based on the number of hours required per month.

What work will be involved? The work involved in an SEO campaign will vary but normally include the four corner-stones being keyword research and mapping, on page optimisation, link building and reporting. Depending on the strength of your site link building may not be necessary to get the site where it needs to be. That said, even with a decent number of links it can be very effective to audit a link profile and assess if any links need to be removed, or tweaked with better anchor text.

How will this help your business? The higher your site ranks on Google the more traffic you’ll get, and the more enquiries or sales the site will bring in. The end goal of all our SEO campaigns is to increase traffic from Google and bring in more enquiries to add value to the business we’re working on.

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