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We can create a successful SEO campaign for you. Here's how we'll do it.

An SEO campaign that we put together will start with keyword research then on page optimisation, link building and monthly reporting. Keyword research is hugely important because that’s where we can identify the right keywords that will be essential in bringing traffic into the website to increase sales and enquiries.

We'll target lots of keywords

If your site has been online for a few years, which many of our clients websites have, we will start by analysing all the data from Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. We’ll identify all the keywords that are ranking currently so that we don’t harm any of those rankings when we are doing work on further keywords. We’ll take a large list of keywords that are important to the website, and then add keyword variations of other search terms that are related to your business. So if you have a shoe shop we will look at different variations like 'buy trainers online', 'buy school shoes online', 'mens shoes', 'womens shoes', things like that.

Once we have this list of variations and all the data from the sites traffic we can end up with maybe 200 – 300 keywords. It just depends on the size of the site and the number of products, or services sold.

We'll target the right pages

Once we have the keywords list we’ll create a keyword map which will help to assign different groups of keywords to important, appropriate pages on the site. For example, someone looking for school shoes will be sent to a page targeting all the keyword variations for school shoes. Once we have the keyword map that will allow us to optimise all the pages. For each page we’ll look at things like the title tags, meta descriptions and content of the page. We’ll also look at the URL structure of the site, internal linking and numerous other SEO activities.

We'll increase the number of links to your site

Once the site is well optimised with the target keywords we’ll start link building. This will include looking at competitors website links, submitting to local business directories and any membership sites that we find during our link research. We’ll also put together content and syndicate that across websites as well as posting press releases when you have news. This will all help to increase the amount of links you have pointing at your website, which will in turn increase your rankings, which will increase your traffic.

Monthly reports will show the campaign progress

The fourth element of our SEO package is reporting. We will set up Google analytics, if it’s not already, then we’ll look at traffic for the last year or so. We’ll create a comprehensive report which will be updated and delivered to you monthly. That report will contain traffic sources so you can see exactly where the traffics coming from and where its increasing or decreasing. You’ll be able to see which traffic has been responsible for your sites conversions. Those are hugely important because than you’ll be able to see if one form of traffic and advertising is more important than another, and which ones are more valuable to your business.

The report will also include a month by month review of where all the keywords are positioned. Each keyword in the campaign will have a complete history of where it is every month. Whether it’s on page 1, page 3, position 1 or 10. That’s hugely important for showing progress during the campaign but also for analysing any drops that may occur. The reports also really help in that we can analyse what’s working and what’s not and then we can change the campaign to reflect that.


We’ll take care of everything

Every SEO campaign includes:
• Monthly reports – to show the campaigns progress
• Updates on the work carried out every month
• Monthly meeting. Face to face or over the phone

We’ll take care of any problems your site may have including:
• Updating all your title tags
• Creating new content
• Broken urls (404s)
• SSL secure server installation
• Redirecting old URLs
• Removing link penalties
• Submitting press releases
• Getting you listed in local directories

We can make the changes to the code and content in house without the need for further developer costs. We’ll take care of everything.

All this adds up to higher Google rankings, more website traffic and an increase in sales.

“They provide a speedy, accurate and personal service. I am very impressed with the knowledge and the results achieved.”
Mandi Cooper, FastBuy Properties.


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Client case study

For this Glasgow guitar shop we managed to increase traffic by 100% in 6 months. We did this through an extensive amount of keyword research using current traffic data and Google estimates. Over 50 different category and product pages were then optimised to increase the rankings of existing keywords and to get the site ranking for new ones.

Number one positions.


Top five positions.


Traffic percentage increase.


SEO campaign analytics

“Big Surf Digital have provided us with detailed analysis of our website, SEO is a long term game and requires constant work. Big Surf have been guiding us through this and provided us with updated content, titles and keyword analysis.

They are also a great sound board for ideas and how we can improve website performance.”

Drew, Merchant City Music

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does SEO cost?

Our campaigns are usually priced between £300 and £2000 per month. We work out the cost based on the competitiveness of the market. Before providing a quote we will carry out research to ascertain how competitive your niche is and provide realistic timescales. If you would like SEO prices for your website please get in touch and we can prepare a quote for you.

2. How long will it take to see results?

To achieve the top spot for a search result in Google can take anything from a month to a year depending on the search term. e.g. ‘organic seo company’ could take anything between 6 months and a year to achieve whereas ‘organic SEO company Glasgow’ could take under a month.

Your sites current strength and link profile will determine how long it will take to see results but no matter where you start from you will see constant progress in your rankings and traffic.

3. Will I be locked into a contract?

No, you can leave any time. However, it is recommended that you keep your campaign going for at least 6 months to give it the best chance of being as effective as possible. SEO takes time.

Google is constantly crawling the web for new content and links but even once it finds those links there is some lag time in them having an effect on your rankings. Search Engine Optimisation is a slow process but one that can have a huge impact on a business. The timescale of success will vary depending on the strength of your site at the start of campaign.


4. How much traffic can you get my site?

Traffic increases will depend on a range of factors including the traffic available in your market, strength of the competition, current strength of your site and the budget you have available. Rough estimates of traffic increases can be given but not to a great degree of accuracy. We can assure you traffic increases over time.


5. How much experience do you have?

Big Surf Digital was founded by Calum Macleod who has over 10 years of experience working in SEO and PPC campaigns across a range of competitive markets that include vehicle sales, renewable energy and many retail niches. The Big Surf SEO process has been crafted from first hand experience of what makes a successful SEO campaign. You can rest assured of receiving an expert SEO service.


6. What does an SEO campaign involve?

A professional SEO service starts with data first. Keyword research is crucial for both brand new and established sites. Content optimisation, competitor link research and regular traffic and ranking reports will all be included in your SEO service.


FastBuy Properties

For this property company we took on the task of building them a new site and optimising it for property sales related keywords. The website has seen a marked increase in traffic as well as enquiries from across Scotland.

Number one positions.


Top five positions.


Conversion increase.


SEO campaign analytics

“They provide a speedy, accurate and personal service. I am very impressed with the knowledge and the results achieved.”

Mandi Cooper, FastBuy Properties

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