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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help you get more traffic from search engines and increase the number of sales and enquiries you receive. Creating a successful SEO campaign takes time and effort but when it’s done the right way can leave you with an ever increasing amount of natural targeted traffic. We have consistently delivered increases in rankings and traffics for a range of clients through tried and tested methods.

The SEO industry is one that is undeniably competitive and extremely fast-changing, with changes being made to Google’s algorithm regularly and new businesses launching every day. We have working successfully in the SEO industry for over 10 years.

Why choose Big Surf Digital as your SEO company?


We have never had a client that has received a manual penalty.

We have taken on a website with a manual penalty though. Pre penalty the site ranked in the top ten for a range of keywords. Once the site was hit with a manual action the site dropped below positions 50 for many of its main traffic terms. After 4 months of link disavow work we managed to remove the penalty from the site. After another 3 months the site was back in the top ten and traffic had bounced back to previous levels.

We have managed to remain competitive through all of Googles changes.

If you were to Google “SEO company Glasgow” we appear in the top 10 out of hundreds of Glasgow companies. We have accumulated years of experience and knowledge of SEO and have developed a trustworthy reputation which we aim to maintain.

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