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SEO work is highly measureable and with the right reporting it can be easy to see a return on investment. Here is an example of one of the SEO campaigns we worked on and the results we achieved.

SEO for SgurrEnergy

Sgurr Energy was recently acquired and subsumed by Wood Group but for the 6 years previously we worked on optimising their site for Google UK and US. When we started the campaign the company had never before had any optimisation work carried out. They did however already have a good link profile which was heavily branded and bringing the site a good amount of ranking strength.

Long story short, we took the site from 2,040 Google clicks a month to 7,209, hitting a high of 9,160 along the way.

Increase in Google organic traffic

How did we do this?   As is often the case with SEO, it’s just as important to know what not to do. We didn’t do anything you would label as black hat SEO, and the site breezed through Googles’ Panda and Penguin algorithms. We didn’t rebuild the site at first, do any work with social media, buy links from anywhere, or mangle the copy to hit keyword densities.

We took a methodical approach and carried out the following work:

Keyword research:  The great thing about taking on a client that has been online for years is the data available. With The SgurrEnergy site we had Analytics data which allowed us to see which keywords were currently bringing in traffic. This was before the ‘Not Provided’ days when Google Analytics would show all of the keywords that were bringing in clicks. 

We extracted a few hundred of these keywords then found out the following data for each:

  • Ranking positions in Google UK and US
  • Monthly search amounts in both countries
  • Close variants and similar terms plus data above for each
  • Keyword suggestions from client


This gave us over 250 keywords to optimise. With a number of big traffic search terms it was a case of increasing the ranking from a position within the top ten to the number 1 or 2 steps. With many other keywords we were starting from outside the top 100 listings.

On page optimisation:  We carried out on page optimisation for every important target page, where we edited the meta title and description, page text, headers and internal linking. Once all of the pages were resubmitted to Google and indexed we saw a jump in traffic.


Link building:  We carried out an audit on the current link profile and looked at where we could possibly tweak specific links if we had control over them. Before the Penguin algorithm hit there was no need to check the links for penalty risks. The site sailed through Penguin unscathed and traffic kept going up. 

We also carried out a lot of competitor link analysis. Reviewing links which were pointing at competitors sites allowed us to see where it might be possible to secure new links for the site.


Reporting:  We created comprehensive monthly reports that included historical traffic data broken down by traffic source with bounce and conversion rates for each. We tracked over 300 keywords every month over the length of the campaign which allowed us and the client to view ranking progress as well as monitor any drops. If something goes wrong with a site or changes are made this data is very useful in figuring out what happened. We also included conversions in the reports segmented by traffic source. Conversions are always the end goal in any campaign so this helped us track progress and allowed the client to work out how much of a return on investment their SEO spend was generating.


Problems encountered:  No campaign is without its problems. We had to navigate the sites rankings through two website redesigns but were able to have a lot of input into the content and structure of each, meaning we were able to increase traffic on the first occasion. On the second traffic dipped by about 1000 but there were some redundant pages that were being removed.


Google rankings – Before and after

Google Rankings Case Study

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