The Power of PPC

PPC stands for Pay Per Click Advertising and can cover ads on different websites but the biggest and most influential is Googles Adwords system. Running PPC ads with Adwords can have a huge impact on the success of a business.

Entirely measureable

Depending on the industry you’re in, you might not need to have a huge budget set aside for  Adwords. We have clients with average costs per click at under £1 and others which go as high as £20 a click. Often when I mention PPC to clients they express their concerns about possibly wasting money on ads. What if it doesn’t work? Is a common question. That’s why we always recommend starting out with a small budget to test the market, ads, keywords and landing pages of the site. We will set up Analytics and conversion tracking to measure performance. This will allow us to see exactly how many clicks the campaign delivered, which keywords were searched for and how many went on to make a purchase or submit an enquiry.

Bypass the big sites

Our PPC services can allow your business to make sales independently of any of the big players in your industry, and allow you to compete. One example we’ve worked on is for a rental property in the outer Hebrides. We created a PPC campaign to bring in new orders for tourists looking for accommodation. We got to the point within the first few months where the campaign was bringing in a steady flow of bookings at an acceptable cost per conversion. The client in fact remarked that other property owners had been vocal about not having many bookings in the off season while enquiries had maintained at a regular level for the client.

The client had also been using Airbnb to bring in bookings but was dealing with more competition on that site than with Google. Large corporations like Airbnb and Amazon may be paying for ads also and even though they have large budgets available they may not be devoting much to the ads showing in your area. 

Test out a new business

If you are thinking of starting a new business PPC can be used to first test the market to measure interest. This will help you to figure out if it is worth investing time and money in the business. With PPC you can target a specific city or country and get real people clicking onto your website to help you judge its potential. This is a much more cost effective scenario than setting up the business, spending lots of money on all the things that entails and then finding out that there’s no market for you to head into.

Start and stop your campaigns

You may have a service or product that is time sensitive, such as the summer wedding season or concerts. Your campaigns can be started and stopped regularly depending on when they are needed without incurring extra costs. The Adwords system also allows you to set a timetable for when your ads show, or for when to increase bids to get more clicks.


Hypothetical examples

Let’s look at some hypothetical examples of how a PPC campaign could help a small business.

Example: Garage selling MOTs. In this example we have a garage selling an MOT service. The garage needs more customers so they create a PPC campaign in the Glasgow area targeting the following keywords:

KeywordAvg Monthly searchesAvg cost per click
MOT Glasgow390£2.56
MOT garage glasgow40£3.33
MOT garage near me50£2.30
MOT test centre40£3.07


When a customer needs an MOT for their car they will go to Google, type in one of the chosen keywords, see the customers’ ad and click on it. If the website is of a high enough quality and the customer is happy with the pricing then they may fill out an enquiry form or give the garage a call.


Number of clicksAvg cost per clickTotal costConversion rateNo of conversionsCost per conversionMOT  costTotal turnover


The table above shows an example of the kind of performance that could be reasonably expected from a PPC campaign. If the website manages to achieve a 20% conversion rate then advertising costs of £282 could bring in turnover of over £1097. In this case it would also be worth remembering that a new customer may end up returning for regular services and other work. This also shows why conversion rate optimisation (CRO) techniques are so crucial. CRO can actually make your campaigns more profitable.


Big Surf Digital example

We use PPC campaigns for our own business. PPC campaigns are not just good for bringing in more sales for small purchases. They can also help with bringing in large projects. One such case was a property company in Glasgow looking to create their own lead generating presence online with the aim of selling houses. Our ads were running for some popular Glasgow SEO terms, which brought in one such enquiry.

We ended up setting up a test PPC campaign, Conversion Rate Optimisation and full SEO and PPC campaigns. This produced a constant flow of quality leads, a newly designed high converting website and top ten rankings across Scotland. In closing, our PPC services can start getting you more business today. 

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