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Welcome to Big Surf Digital. We are an SEO company in Glasgow that can help you get more traffic to your website. Out of all of the digital marketing options available Search Engine Optimisation can have the biggest impact on the success of your site. Ranking at the top of Google for keywords that your customers search for can deliver constant traffic and regular sales. Our SEO campaigns work to increase traffic to your website by pushing up keyword positions in Google through proven techniques.


Backed by 10 years of SEO experience

If you are looking for SEO services Glasgow has a range of companies to choose from. Big Surf Digital is backed by expert SEO knowledge accumulated over 10 years of working in the industry. We have worked across a range of markets including ecommerce, kitchens, vehicle sales, renewables, property, engineering and accounting.


Transparent processes

As a professional Glasgow SEO company, we strive to make the campaign process as transparent as possible with comprehensive monthly reports and regular updates. You will be kept informed every step of the way as to how your campaign is progressing. For advice from an experienced SEO expert get in touch today.


SEO campaign quote

Before producing a quote we will review your website and carry out some preliminary research on your target market. This will enable us to estimate timelines and arrive at a cost. If you are looking for expert help with Search Engine Optimisation in Glasgow or further afield then get in touch today.


What’s involved in an SEO campaign?


1. Keyword and competitor research
In order to provide a quote we will carry out research on your target keywords and assess the strength of your competitors’ websites. Then we will be able to provide cost estimates and timescales for when you will see ranking and traffic improvements. We feel that we are an affordable SEO Glasgow company compared to the competition. However, the cost of our campaigns does vary based on the potential challenges that particular industries present.

When we start your campaign keyword research will be carried out to identify the most relevant keywords. The data used will include Google Keyword Planner monthly searches and keywords from competitor sites. Search volumes and competition levels will be analysed to determine the most appropriate keywords to target. To ensure constant ranking increases a wide range of long and short tail keywords may be included in the campaign.

2. On page optimisation
Once we’ve determined which keywords it will be possible to rank highly for we put together a strategy that will include any necessary changes to the code, structure and content of your site.
This varies but can include:

Optimisation of meta titles and descriptions
Optimisation of on-page content
Source code optimisation
Content duplication and Panda algorithm checks
URL structure optimisation
Internal linking
Page speed optimisation

3. Off page optimisation
Once the initial optimisation of your site is complete the next stage will be link building to prove your sites worth to search engines. Link building is an important part of any SEO campaign. Essentially Google considers a link from one site to another as a vote of confidence in the value of the recipient page. As such, links are one of the deciding factors in how Google determines which sites are ranked at the top of search listings and should form part of any well-structured SEO campaign.

Link quality is significantly more important than quantity and we will carry out a carefully controlled link building campaign to identify new link building opportunities in order to maximise relevant traffic to the site.

4. Regular reporting
We will use Google analytics to measure the success of your site and the data will be used to improve the effectiveness of our SEO services and to increase your ROI. Key to any SEO campaign is the ability to measure the impact of changes made to site content and the effect of on-page optimisation and link building.

Keyword positions and traffic data will form the basis of monthly reports which will be used to identify campaign progress and inform future campaign decisions.

As an expert SEO company we can offer a range of tailored packages to suit your budget. We will talk you through every aspect of the SEO campaign. To discuss a package fill in the form below.


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Why choose Big Surf Digital as your SEO company?

We have consistently delivered increases in rankings and traffic for a range of clients through tried and tested methods. The SEO industry is one that is undeniably competitive and extremely fast-changing, with changes being made to Googles’ algorithm regularly and new businesses launching every day. We have been working successfully in the SEO industry for over 10 years.

We have never had a client that has received a manual penalty.

We have taken on a website with a manual penalty though. Pre penalty the site ranked in the top ten for a range of keywords. Once the site was hit with a manual action the site dropped below positions 50 for many of its main traffic terms. After 4 months of link disavow work we managed to remove the penalty from the site. After another 3 months the site was back in the top ten and traffic had bounced back to near previous levels.

We have managed to remain competitive through all of Googles’ changes.

If you were to Google “SEO company Glasgow” we appear in the top 10 out of hundreds of Glasgow companies. We have accumulated years of experience and knowledge of SEO and have developed a trustworthy reputation which we aim to maintain.

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