What does SEO friendly mean?

SEO friendly is a term that you may have heard thrown around. But what does it actually mean? SEO Friendly as a concept which is understood to mean that when a site is completed by a design/web company that it should have a very good chance of ranking well. Is there a site available off the shelf that has the the perfect combination of design, URL structure, code and content? Unfortunately not. There are good and bad website platforms and even the good ones need to be configured by an experienced SEO to have a chance of ranking for competitive terms. For a website to be truly SEO friendly it not only needs to have nothing preventing it from ranking well, but it also needs a push in all of the right directions.

Some important SEO features to have on a site include:

Keyword rich title tags / Keyword rich content / Significant relevant content, Keyword rich headers in some cases / Optimised anchor text on internal links / Duplicate URL management.

So with the aim in mind of creating an SEO effective site that will rank well I’ve put together a list below of the features a website should have when it goes live, and the tasks that should be carried out to help it rank. Bear in mind that you will also require the necessary link profile.

Keyword Research Informed Meta Data
Keyword research. Research at least 1 group of keywords per page / Editable Meta Title tags for each page, Editable Meta Description tags for each page / Optimised site structure / Ensure important ranking pages are linked from main menu / Ensure keyword appropriate anchor text within main and footer menus, Keyword rich URLs.

Ensure site displays well on all devices to help the site rank for mobile searches.

No inline Javascript within head of templates.
No inline CSS within head of templates.
Ensure optimised alt tags.

Page speed optimisation
Combine as many Javascript files as possible to reduce page requests.
Combine as many CSS files as possible to reduce page requests.
H1, H2 headers to be used with keywords where appropriate.

Robots.txt file set to allow index of important pages
Robots.txt file set to block index of unimportant pages

Ensure that content is keyword rich.
Ensure grammar and spelling is correct.
Ensure content is original and substantial.
SEO is an ongoing job but it needs a focus

Will this help our SEO? is a question I’ve heard many times and the answer depends on what your goals are. Are you looking to increase sales of a particular product? Then adding alt tags probably isn’t going to do that. Are you looking to increase enquiries from South Africa? Then adding an XML sitemap on its own is not going to help.

What I’m trying to get across is that SEO friendly on it’s own doesn’t exist. In the same way as success friendly doesn’t exist for a business. To have a site that ranks well and pulls in a heap of traffic takes a lot of work and specialist experience. Just like a thriving business needs more than a great idea and some marketing materials.

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